Team Leadership and Motivation

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How to encourage, motivate and engage with your team should be part of everyone's personal growth plan. Leaders are responsible for the growth and development of their people. This webinar can provide  important concepts and tools to bring back to your team.

You will learn:

  • The stages of team development, and how managers oversee this process to ensure team success.
  • To build a productive and successful team.
  • To navigate through the barriers to team effectiveness.
  • How motivation relates to managing employees and organizational success.
  • New ways other people are motivating employees.

Course length:  23 minutes

Level: Intermediate/Experienced


Team Leadership and Motivation Webinar
Open to view video.
Open to view video.

Nathan Sovich

Senior Real Estate Manager, CBRE

Nathan Sovich is a Senior Real Estate Manager with CBRE who oversees operation of Pasadena Towers, a Class A Commercial High-Rise Office Campus along the historic Rose Parade Route in Pasadena. Nathan has spent a decade working in commercial real estate, managing various locations with CBRE in Century City, Downtown LA and Pasadena.  Nathan is most proud of his involvement within CBRE’s Rising Professional Organization, recently nominated to oversee the networking groups entire West Coast operation.  Starting out as an admin in the industry, Nathan has a great sense of what it takes to perform all facets of property management and enjoys assisting others to achieve their own career goals.