Window Cleaning and OSHA Compliance

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The cleaning of windows and other external surfaces is an important part of maintaining your commercial property. Due to the potential risk to workers, Cal OSHA has developed a set of rules governing the types of equipment that may be used, safety precautions, building owner and contactor obligations and inspections.
 During this webinar you will learn:

  1. The types of equipment approved for use in buildings of varying heights, including anchors, platforms and personal safety equipment
  2. Cal OSHA rules governing owner obligations to the contractor and legal documentation
  3. The nature and frequency of inspections, and possible fines for non-compliance
  4. Specific documentation required prior to a window cleaning contractor accessing your building

Course length:  40 minutes

Level: Introductory/Intermediate

CE Credits: 0.67

Expires: 7 days after first access


Window Cleaning and OSHA Compliance Webinar
Open to view video.
Open to view video.

Hector Garcia

President, HSG Waterproofing, Restoration & Window Cleaning

Hector Garcia has been in the window cleaning, waterproofing, & restoration industry for 40 years. He is CEO/President of HSG, Waterproofing, Restoration and Window Cleaning. In 1990, Hector was asked to be on the Cal/OSHA Advisory Committee. As part of the committee, they updated all the laws pertaining to window cleaning which took effect in 1998. Hector is currently serving on the ASME A-120 Committee (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) and hold an OSHA SIT License #23.