How to Use Submeters in Your Building

Have your tenants asked you to submeter their commercial space yet? If not, then they probably will soon! With submetering, your tenants are sure that their bills and leasing structure are just, that they have a return on investment of their individual energy conservation projects, and that they can proudly identify as sustainability leaders.

Most building tenants pay for their space‚Äôs utility bills by square foot, but this can be a problem for those units that have lower energy consumption but larger areas. With a submetered space, they are billed accurately for their exact consumption — no more, no less. This is controllable, fair, and ultimately quite engaging.

Your tenants want to know that their lease is fair and that they can identify as sustainable leaders.  

During this webinar you will learn: 

1. Different types of submeters. 

2. How to use, install and read submeters. 

3. How to bill tenants for submetering. 

Course length:  31 minutes

Level: Intermediate/Experienced

CE Credits: .52

Expires: 7 days after first access


How to Use Submeters in Your Building Webinar
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Brian Haine

Director of Technical Services, Genea

Brian Haine is the Director of Technical Services at Genea with a demonstrated history of working in the commercial real estate industry. He is skilled in Smart Meters, Automated Meter Reading, Control Systems Design, Facility Management (FM), SCADA, and Electrical Wiring. Strong information technology professional graduated from Ipswich College.