Plumbing is an essential component of the basic infrastructure of commercial buildings yet property managers need to be concerned about more than just toilets and faucets. Plumbing systems must provide adequate water on demand that has the appropriate water pressure. In addition, drainage systems need to be properly routed and maintained. This interactive course module will explore the factors affecting water flow and pressure and outline the components of the sanitary and storm drainage systems. In addition, it will cover water conservation methods that may help decrease water usage and water bills.

This interactive course module is part of the Building and Systems Management Course 2.

Course length:  15 minutes

Level: Introductory


Plumbing Systems Interactive Course Module
Begin self-paced component package.
Begin self-paced component package.

Mark Newell

Service Department Director – Andersen Commercial Plumbing

Bryan Suttles

Vice President – Suttles Plumbing & Mech. Corp & Vice President DVBE Mechanical Corp.