Building Exteriors - Parking and Landscaping

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This course module includes and overview of parking management and landscape design.  

Course Content

Parking: parking management types (in-house, 3rd party agreements -man hour, management, lease), safety and security, claims procedures, parking personnel job functions, parking layout, design, access and revenue control systems. 

Landscaping: water saving measures and determining the best ROI, site design, budgeting and planning. 

Course length: 1 hour 16 minutes


Parking Control Security, Safety and Operations Document
View the document
View the document This whitepaper covers the types of parking management types, safety, security, claims, personnel, and control.
Parking Facility Operations and Management Webinar
Open to view video.
Open to view video.
Landscape Planning That Adds Value to Your Property Webinar
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Open to view video. This presentation provides property managers with an understanding of the importance of sustainable landscaping and how to add value to your property. Gain tools to assess how your current landscape is performing, financial planning for future improvements, and things to consider when you don’t know where to start.

Ryan Dollar

Director of Business Development, LAZ Parking

Stan Bochniak

Vice President, National Parking Sales, ABM Parking Services

Scott Horsley


With over 20 years of landscape architectural work, Scott brings a variety of experience in landscape management, giving him the ability to plan for the long-term success of projects. Since 1996, his strong personnel management and motivational skills have provided mentorship at all levels making projects with high quality and more efficient . In the field, Scott acts as the client’s representative to make sure the landscape is implemented with strong craftsmanship and is true to the design. In addition, his construction industry knowledge, expertise in planning & managing property resources, effective communication and overall team leadership combine to provide clients with responsive and efficient service.